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Workshops provide an environment where people can carry out a brief, creative and collaborative activity. There are various types of workshops that are carried out all over the world on a daily basis, towards finding solutions to a problem or analyzing a particular issue. The workshops often teach students how to perform a particular task by teaching them how to do it in a practical way as opposed to just teaching them through series of lectures without any hands on approach of teaching them. Workshops are therefore, often a great way for people to learn about technical things and particular skills. Workshops could be organized for varying reasons, which usually serve as the aim of the workshop. Organizations that organize workshops should be listed under this category.
A charrette is a type of workshop that involves an intense period of planning or designing an activity. As opposed to just listening to a lecture on how to plan such activities, participants are often made to draw up such plans through hints that are given. In some cases, they might be asked to develop prototypes of those plans to see its workability, weaknesses and to find solutions to the weaknesses. People who want to attend a charrette can brose under this category for organizations that provide this type of workshop in the niche they are interested in.
A writing circle is another type of workshop that people could be part of. For writing circles, people who are interested in writing often attend such workshops to get inspiration to write articles and other types of publications. Writers can easily get support for their work through such workshops. The support could be in the form of proofreading or articles or constructive criticisms that they would be useful to the writer in improving the work, thereby adding more value to the work. Writing circles are also very useful to new writers who could be guided by other participants of the workshop, towards helping them to learn about the technicalities of writing much faster. Writers looking for workshops to attend should brose through this category.
The academic workshop is another type of workshop that is mainly organized for students. This type of workshop emphasizes what they are learning in class in a more practical way. People who are having issues understanding practical that are taught in class can attend academic workshops on those subjects to learn more, thereby improving their knowledge and increasing their chances of passing.
The organization workshop entails a large number of participants who master new skills and knowledge by an approach which involves doing it by their selves. In this case, the individuals are expected and provided with tools to carry out certain practical that would aid their knowledge of the subject.
Another very important type of workshop is a meeting where methods are applied by groups towards making a decision, solving a problem in a creative way or analyzing problems in a cooperative manner to achieve a result. This type of workshop encourages team work and individuals are able to work together towards achieving a particular goal.

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