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The world covers a very large span of land that is well divided into continents, countries, states, cities, towns and villages. Each of these geographical entities is distinct and unique in their ways, with a lot of attractive features that endear people to reside in the area. Since we cannot all live in a particular location, the need to move about to experience some of these were birthed. Long before civilization, people travel for business and other reasons on foot, with animals and on boats. With technology however, movement has become much easier with the advent of fast and efficient means of transportation such as cars, speed boats, ships and airplane amongst others. People can thus travel over long distance for tourism purposes, vacation or business reasons amongst others.
There are a lot of tourist attractions all over the world that people love to visit. Some of these tourist attractions are in big cities and allow tourists to experience the world in an entirely different way. Tourist attractions often involve special, unique and not too common geographical features or man-made structures, items or paintings that people love to see as a result of the features and characteristics. Tourism spots could include mountains, rivers, water falls, one of the sites of the 7 wonders of the world, museums, art galleries and old or unique building structures among many others. Tourist spots could list their services under this category.
Apart from direct tourist organizations, there are a number of tourist related organizations that are affiliated to different tourist centers. They are often involved in transporting tourists to various tourist attractions in an area. They provide transportation and other services such as providing guides and giving detailed history and information about tourist sites. Some of the companies could conduct intercity or interstate tourist excursions and in some cases, inter-country tourist excursions, taking people to the best tourist attractions in different cities, states or countries respectively. Individuals who are looking for tourist attractions affiliated organizations that organize tourist excursions should list their services under this category.
Traveling often involve the use of personal or public transportation. When traveling to other countries or other continents, flights are often used the most. Airlines will usually have a fleet of planes that fly to various destinations at particular times. Customers will have to book for the flight in advance and make payments. They are then boarded into the plane when it’s almost time for departure. Airlines should list their services and cities they travel to under this category so that individuals who intend to travel on vacation, tourism or for business to such cities can find their services.
There are a number of agencies that also help individuals who want to travel. They include travel agencies that help people with information about countries they want to visit as well as getting visa. This is considering that people must be allowed entrance into a country before they can visit from another country, with evidence in the form of a visa. Traveling agencies should list their services under this category.

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