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The need to ensure that we stay healthy is very important. However, this could be extremely difficult as there are several factors that could make people fall ill. Such factors include infections, accidents, stress and poor lifestyle habits among others. For instance, people who drink or smoke often put more pressure on the liver and kidney, thereby increasing the chances of such organs failing due to overburden. There are several other things that we consume, some avoidably and some, more unavoidably, that contribute to making us occasionally ill and necessitating the need to seek for healthcare. Companies that are medical and healthcare related should list their businesses and services under this sub-category. Individuals and organizations who also require medical services should browse through this sub-category.
When people fall ill, they will usually be taken to the hospital where they will get doctor care and nurse care. They will usually have to first see a doctor who will diagnose them and try to identify exactly is wrong with them. After such identification, the doctor will subsequently provide treatment and prescribe medications, after which they would be under the care of nurses. The nurses are to ensure that they take all of their medications in the right quantity and at the right time. The nurses could also administer injections, if it is part of the treatment recommended by the doctor. The doctors will also occasionally check on the patients, at least once a day, to be sure their health condition is improving as well as see if there are new symptoms, reactions to drug and make recommendations if there is the need for additional treatments or to stop some particular medications. Doctor care and nurse care are majorly obtainable in the hospital. Hospitals should be listed under this sub-category.
There are some types of illnesses that require therapy, with or without the need to take drugs. When this is the case, they will need to see the right kind of therapist to attend to them. Some common types of therapist include speech therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists. Therapists should list their companies and services under this sub-category.
There are a number of other types of companies that also provide healthcare related services. An example is a company where people with elderly ones or sick people can request for nurses who can go home regularly to cater for the elderly or sick people within an agreed timeframe. Where 24 hours nurse service is required by a client, they could provide 2 to 3 nurses, who would work on shifts. There are also companies that are involved in the manufacture, sales and repairs of medical equipment. Very prominent are also medical research institutes who continue to find vaccines cure for diseases that do not have cure yet, while also improving the treatments for other diseases that have cure. Every company that is related to the healthcare sector, providing any of these services should also be listed under this sub-category.

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