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The quest for knowledge is very important, considering that there is so much to learn and how much we know determines the quality of life that we live and our general outlook of life. A lecture can be defined as an oral presentation that is aimed at teaching people or providing them with information about a specific subject. An example of lectures is those delivered by a college or university teacher. Critical equations, theories, background, history and information are conveyed during a lecture. Other type of scenarios that passes as a lecture includes a presentation by a businessman, sermon by a minister and speech by a politician. In most cases, the lecturer stands in front of the hall from where he says information that is in line with the content of the lecture. Companies that provide services related to lectures should list their services under this sub-category.
Prominent among companies and countries that are related to lectures are schools especially universities and colleges. They often admit students who are tutored by lecturers on various subjects that is related to their field of study. There are also a number of small institutions that do not pass as universities or colleges but provide lecture to students as well. This could be schools where specific things such as web design or software development are taught. Even though these lectures could be accompanied with practical session, they still contain most of the attributes of lecturing.
Before lecturing students, lecturers often have to prepare for the lecture. In most advanced nations, they have to prepare presentations and materials that they will use to lecture. Not every lecturer might have the time and in some cases, the know how to make a PowerPoint presentation for their lectures. Where it is needed, they might have to contract a company to help them design the presentation or other materials that they will need for the lecture. Companies that are involved in the production of presentations and materials for lecturers and lecturing purposes should list their services under this sub-category.
Some companies are also involved in delivering lectures that could be academic or non-academic. However, the lecture does not go on for months or years as in a formal school. As opposed, they just provide seminars that could take just a few hours or a few days about a particular topic. In some cases, they could be about topics that are not directly offered in school. This type of lectures provide students and other people with the opportunity to learn something they did not learn in school, considering it was not directly related to the course they were studying. It might also be a new development in the field, which they need to immediately learn. Companies that provide lectures through seminar and other professional training for staffs and organizations can also list their businesses under this sub-category. Companies that are also involved in providing extra lectures for students who have issues with what they are studying in school should also list their businesses under this sub-category.

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