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The invention of the computer as we now know it, was achieved just around the 1970s. Within 30 years, it was able to become very portable and could be used for personal reasons. There was also a lot of innovations and other inventions associated with the computer that also made it very important. In line with that, the IT world has brought with it a lot of opportunities, with some of the richest men in the world, making their wealth from computers. As of 2018, at least 3 of the 5 richest men in the world were IT experts, who owned the IT companies Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. A lot of events about the IT world are been held on a daily basis about improving on computers, discussing the opportunities that comes with the IT world as well as how to use computers. Companies that organize IT related events should list their businesses under this sub-category.
Companies that organize events about improvement on computers, in line with organizing research and discussing the results of those research and implementation with other stakeholders or the public should be listed under this sub-category. Such seminars could be free or paid, with the aim of challenging people to come up with better methods of developing hardware for the computer. Such hardware would be towards improving the speed of computer, wireless connection speed and distance of computers and producing hardware that will make it better to relate with the computer, such as those with improved speech recognition features.
There are also companies that are involved with organizing events towards teaching people how to develop software as well as how to use such software. For software development, they will often discuss how to use programming languages to write software. The software could be a standalone software, or a feature to be used alongside other software. It could also be towards developing a website and adding specific advanced features to the website. Other companies also organize events to teach how to use specific software type. It could be popular software like Microsoft Excel or less popular one, probably developed by the same company. Such companies should also be listed under this sub-category.
The internet has grown to become very wide, with various types of activities and services been offered on the Internet. A lot of events are therefore held that are internet related. They are organized to show people what they can do with the Internet as well as how to earn from the Internet. Such trainings could include how to design blogs, websites where they can get work online, freelancing, how to conduct research on the Internet, how to use the search engine to locate certain information or certain website types, downloading books and movies on the internet as well as affiliate programs among others. Individuals who are looking for companies that organize IT related events can browse through this sub-category to find the company that will be organizing a type of IT event they will like to attend.

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