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Internet Services
The internet is one invention that quickly took the whole world by storm after its invention, between the early 1990s when internet services became open to the public till just about 27 years later, there are billion of pages, billions of pictures, hundreds of millions of movies and books that could be assessed through the Internet. While the Internet does not have any central body that is in charge of it, there are a lot of internet services that is required to get the best out of taking advantage of the Internet. Companies that are involved in internet services should be listed in this category. Some of such internet services company includes:
Web Hosts
Web hosts are majorly in charge of selling domain names as well as selling bandwidth and storage that files will be uploaded to for a website. The domain name of a website is its address, which is usually typed in the address bar when the website is to be opened. After buying the domain name, a web hosting platform will also need to be paid for, that will contain the features and tools for creating, uploading and managing the website.
Web Designers
Web designers are organizations that help with creating of websites. There are different types and categories of website, which require different levels of expertise to build. This could range from a one page website to more complex websites, with complex animations and features. It is thus important to get the right web designer to design your website.
Internet Service Providers
Internet service providers sell data to consumers, who could use such data to view websites or upload files to the Internet.
There are several other internet services companies such as social media marketers and others. Professional Internet services companies can be found under this category by those who require their services.

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