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The various means of traveling around the world today including by air, road, rail and sea has made it easy to move around from one place to the other. This however, comes with the challenge of getting a place to rest whenever you are in a new location. Since it is almost impossible to have a house in every city of the world or rent a permanent apartment there, there comes the need for hotels who charge you based on the number of days that you spend in their domain. Paying for a day or 2 is a better option than been stranded outdoors or having to rent or buy an apartment in a city you might never visit again or that you might not visit in another 5 years, or even in a few months. Here are some provisions related to hotels that travelers can take advantage of. Companies who offer these types of services should list their hotels under this category.
Apartments allow for individuals to have a room where they can lay their heads as well as some other features such as bathroom and toilet that will be meant for them only during their stay, as it will be inside their room. This is majorly offered by those who names have hotels and there are often various options. There will be various price ranges for rooms and an individual will go for the one he prefers or can afford. Sometimes, it might be possible to rent a suite or a mini flat.
Bed and Breakfast
This type of hotels offers just a bed in a room which is mostly shared with 1 or more people. They also offer breakfast, which could be part of the bill of the room or paid for separately.
Hostels are cheaper and provide a bed space for people to sleep. Toilet and bathroom are mostly shared, with pays per night.
Inns are like mini hotels but not as luxurious or expensive. They also provide rooms with a bed for people passing by or visiting to spend nights.

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