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Shelter is reputed to be the third basic necessity of life, just after food and clothing. This shows how important buildings are to us as well as those who are involved in erecting the building. Home builders are experts in the construction of houses. There are various professionals that are involved in the building of houses, as different materials are used in the building of homes. There are thus different professionals that are experts in handling these different materials and putting them together for the creation of homes. Some of the professionals that are involved in the creation of homes include the following:
Land Surveyors
These experts’ help to look at the location where you want to site your building to be sure that the place is safe. In some cases, they might make certain recommendations, especially when the area is swampy or where there are certain negative factors that could threaten your building if extra measures are not put in place during the process of raising the building.
Architects are employed during the process of building to reason with the owner of the building towards knowing the purpose as well as what the owner expects in the building, especially in terms of number of rooms or offices and other features as well as their size. He will then reconcile this with the size of the land to create a blueprint that builders can follow to build the house.
Builders put together the blocks and concrete required for the building of the house.
Carpenters take care of the doors and roofing as well as other wooden component of the building.
Wielders are experts in handling metal and take care of the parts of the house where metals are required such as the windows.
Painters help to add color to the building, based on the preference of the home owner.

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