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Greenpeace is an organization that non-governmental, concerned about the environment and currently has a presence in more than 40 countries. Their major concern is directed towards issues that they feel will threaten the environment. These issues include commercial whaling, overfishing, anti-nuclear issues, genetic engineering, deforestation and climate change. Other companies that are also concerned about the environment and work to address the issues outlined above could also be considered as Greenpeace companies. Greenpeace organizations should list their NGOs under this category.
Whales are amongst the biggest fishes available and could be useful to humans due to their blubber, oil and the fact that they can also be eaten as meat. There are therefore a lot of communities that resides along the coast that have been hunting whales. Commercial whaling is therefore, a very big issue as it results in over 50,000 whales been killed on a yearly basis. This could quickly diminish the quantity of whales currently available and make them an endanger species. Greenpeace organizations therefore, try to discourage the act of commercial whaling, considering they form an important art of the ecosystem. Whales are not the only fish that are at the risk of been overhunted as other types of fishes also have to be protected. In line with this, Greenpeace organizations are also concerned about protecting every type of fish.
The recent proliferation of nuclear weapons is a very serious danger to the world. This is considering that nuclear weapons could be used for long distance wars and could destroy every living plants and animals within a country or even countries. They are currently the most deadly weapons known to men and a lot of effort is been put in place to ensure a nuclear war does not break out. They also try to persuade countries with nuclear weapon to destroy such weapons.
Genetic engineering is a branch of engineering that must be properly monitored. It involves trying to work on the genes of animals to create new species. This is however, considered risky as it might be difficult knowing exactly what those new species might be capable of. Furthermore, a number of animal abuses also go into place. The fact that such genetic engineering could also be carried out on humans makes it even more dangerous, as a lot of people might be harmed in the process.
Deforestation entails the cutting down of trees for various uses ranging from making of furniture, papers and even use as fuel. This act is often frowned upon because it leads to the destruction of the natural habitat of a lot of animals. When this happens, some of such animals could go extinct once their entire natural habitat has been destroyed. Deforestation is also a major cause of climate change, which is another issue that Greenpeace organizations try to address. Individuals hoping to work with Greenpeace organizations towards sustaining the environment should browse through this sub-category to find the right organization that is addressing the particular issue they intend to be involved in.

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