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There are a number of problems in the world today that efforts are continually been made to solve. In line with finding solutions for such events, stakeholders often organize meetings and other type of events to address these problems. During meetings, major stakeholders and organizations that are directly involved in finding solutions and implementing such solutions meet with the aim of discussing progress, challenges and what must be done to overcome the challenges. In other cases, the meeting could be to enlighten people about how to avoid some of such problems. Organizations that are involved with organizing events in line with finding solutions to global problems should be listed under this sub-category.
Among the major problems in the world today is poverty, hunger and lack of drinking water. A significant percentage of the people living in the world today, especially in developing and undeveloped countries are living below $1 a day. This makes it difficult for them to get good food and have access to drinking water. This is considering that food is one of the basic necessities of life and water is even more important. There are does a number of organizations that work towards reducing the poverty and hunger among people, with other trying to improve access to potable drinking water.
Another major problem in the world today is the climate change. The rise in temperatures and the threat to the life of plants and animals as well as other natural disasters that could arise as a result of the temperature rise, has made it a very serious issues that must be immediately taken care of. There is also the issue of international terrorism, with a lot of terrorist attacks been recorded on a daily basis all over the world. This leads to unnecessary waste of life and property. A lot of countries now have anti-terrorist units, dedicated towards trying to neutralize terrorists, prevent terrorist attacks and also respond whenever there is an attack. A number of organizations are also working to sensitize people on not getting involved in terrorist attacks.
Energy issues is also a global problem, as energy is very important in improving the activities of individuals leaving in a particular area. There are still a lot of countries that suffer from inadequate to no energy. There is also the issue of energy sources that contribute to global warming and harm the environment. Efforts are been made to shift to cleaner energy with lesser to no consequence on the environment.
The population of the world is growing by an average of 1 percent per year, which implies that the population of the world increases by about 600 million people per year. A significant percentage of these people are given birth to in undeveloped nations by parents who cannot cater for them. Some other global problems include spread of infectious disease, armed conflict and proliferation of nuclear weapon. Individuals who are looking for companies dealing with global problems should browse through this sub-category.

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