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Just like fuel and electricity are to machines, so is food to the human body. Food provides the energy that the body requires to do its work, as well as a number of other chemicals that contributes to the proper functioning of the different parts of the body. There are various types of foodstuffs in the world today. The process for getting foodstuffs mostly starts from farming. During farming seeds are planted, which germinates and later start to reproduce a particular type of food item. When the food items are ready for harvest, they are harvested and subsequently sold or processed. Farming companies should list their businesses under this sub-category.
In some cases, such as is the case with rice and beans, the food item will need to be processed before it is sold to the consumer. In some other cases, they can be sold directly to the consumer after harvest. The consumer, will subsequently have to cook, fry, and/or bake among other types of food processes before they will be able to eat such foodstuffs. For some other foodstuffs, they can be further processed and packaged to be sold in forms where they can be directly consumed. Companies that process foodstuffs and sell processed foodstuff can list their services under this sub-category.
Restaurants are a very important part of the food industry, as they provide a refuge for those who cannot cook or who do not have the cook. They sell cooked foods and provide chairs and tables for people to come in and eat meals. Restaurants should also be listed under this sub-category.
Animal protein is a very important type of food and there are various industries that deal with the production of meat and fish. Some companies are responsible for rearing animals and fishes, before they sell to restaurants and consumers. There are several versions of canned meat and fish such as canned beef and sardines. Such companies should also list their business under these sub-category.
Drinks are very important when food is being consumed. The most common type of drink is water. However, there are various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink that can be consumed on their own or consumed alongside food. Companies that create and sell table water, alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks should list their businesses under this sub-category.
Gastronomy entails the relationship between culture and food. Various cultures all over the world, often have food types that are native to the people in that area. They also often have their own unique recipes for cooking these food types that are peculiar to them as well as other more popular food types. A gastronomist is an individual with the ability to unite the practice and theory of gastronomy, while a gastronome, on the other hand, is an individual that knows a lot about gastronomy. Practical gastronomy involves the study and practice of producing, preparing and serving different beverages of food that originate from different nations of the world. Gastronomy related companies should list their services under this sub-category.

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