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Generally, finance is often directly related to money. This could include the usage of money, especially in such a way that it is able to bring in more money or the usage of money. Financial companies are therefore, often involved in the management of money, towards helping to increase it or saving it. In other instances, they also provide loans to people who need money, which they will often have to pay back with interest. Financial companies therefore, include banks, insurance companies, investment companies and stock brokers among others.
Banks are mostly involved in helping people to save their money. They however, provide a wide range of other services including giving out credit and debit cards as well as providing loans for people who need them. Investment companies provide reasonable and apt advice about profitable businesses and places people can put in their money and get back great returns. The need for money can sometimes be urgent and extremely important. Some of such areas have been identified and a means of saving for them through insurance devised. The implications is that people can save money with insurance companies towards a perceived risk, so that in the event that they suddenly find their selves within such a risk, they will be able to immediately get the money they require to escape or reduce the impact of such risks. Some example of such risks include health challenges, car accidents, house getting damaged by fire or flood as well as the option of life assurance, where a person’s family can be catered for financially, in the event the breadwinner of the house loses his or her life. Stock brokers aid people in investing in companies that are listed on a stock exchange. The stock brokers are able to advice people on the type of stock to invest in and when to sell their stocks. They also help to find people who are interested in buying the stock a client of theirs want to sell. Every financial related company should list their businesses under this sub-category.
When companies have product and services they sell or offer, it is important for individuals who need them to be aware. It is only when they are aware that they will be able to make purchases from the companies that sell products or offer specific services. Marketing is the art of informing people about products and services on offer, their importance as well as attempting to convince people to buy such products or use such services. There are different means of carrying out marketing. Jingles could be sent to television and radio stations, which in turn will broadcast them for a specific period of time, based on the fees that have been paid. Advertisements can also be sent to newspapers and magazine publishing companies, so that their readers could see the product and services. The advent of the internet has also brought about various means of advert, especially through the social media. Marketing companies should also list their services under this subcategory.

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