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Fast food can be defined as food that is mass produced that can be cooked and served at a very fast rate. Any meal that does not require a lot of time to prepare is often referred to as fast food. In recent times however, fast food is used to refer to food sold in restaurants. The restaurants always ensure that their food is ready to be served, hence, a person can place an order and in less than 5 to 10 minutes, they will already be served and they can start eating. A number of other restaurants also use precooked or preheated ingredients, so that lesser cooking and by implication, lesser time is required for cooking and serving those meals. A number of fast food outlets also serve food in take away containers so that their customers can eat at home or outside the restaurant at their own time. There are also fast food outlets that are involved in home or office delivery of food. Restaurants and outlets that are involved in the fast food business should be listed under this sub-category.
The current state of the world and the limited time most adult need to sort out things, considering the several factors competing for their time could make it difficult to cook at home. This is apart from individuals, especially bachelors, who do not even have the ability to cook. In most cases also, people who love to eat lunch can’t go back home to prepare lunch considering the short break they usually have. Fast food restaurants are therefore, the best bet for almost everybody with getting regular means and eating whenever they are hungry. People also patronize fast food whenever they are celebrating or they want to take their family on outing. It provides an opportunity where the person in charge of cooking in the house, usually the wife, is allowed to rest, while the family also have some type of outdoor get together which is important for bonding among family members.
Fast food restaurants sometimes feature a drive through, where people could be served, without even having to leave their vehicle. The fast food outlets could sometimes be kiosks or stands that might not make any provisions for seating or shelter. This type of outlets only caters for people who want to buy the food and then go to somewhere else to eat. This could also apply to people who are sent from offices to buy food that someone else is going to eat. They would easily get the food in take away plates and then take back to the person who sent them in the office.
Fast food outlets have thus, been a life saver for people who cannot cook or who do not have time to cook. Various types of meals are served at different outlets, with an individual having a lot of choice regarding where they want to buy and what they want to buy. Individuals looking for fast food restaurants and outlets should list their services under this category.

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