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People need different type of knowledge to successfully live in the world and make the most out of it. We start to learn from the instant we are born as we learn to suck to feed. That is however, just the first of many things we get to learn. Education is thus a very key part of life and important for our living.
When education is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is school. Schools afford us the opportunity to get formal education. Most countries have 3 levels of schools which include the elementary level, secondary level and tertiary level. The elementary schools usually teach about hygiene, family, arithmetic, how to speak good English (or the native language of the country) and other things that children need to know. From here, they proceed to secondary schools where they are thought more advanced versions of what was thought in secondary school, while they are also thought on different fields and what it entails, towards guiding them to start to work towards becoming a professional in one of those fields. Finally, there is the tertiary institution where they complete training on becoming a professional in the field and also advanced studies which include M.Sc and Ph.D.
There are however, several other forms of education apart from formal education. Most of the other types are vocational, as they teach people how to perform a particular skill or the other. Some of the major skills that could be learnt from a vocational school include driving, carpentry, IT, make-up and hair making among others. Some people attend vocational school to complement their formal education, while others who have little or no formal education.
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