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A club is a place where people can easily visit in the evening, probably after work to relax, enjoy some drinks and meet with friends. People can go to club on their own or with friends. At the club, they can order for drinks and other light food, while they relax and catch up. Clubs should be listed under this sub-category.
There are many different types of clubs, with some different setting and tweaks that make them unique from each other. Generally, clubs open in the evening and could operate all through the night. There will usually be music playing in the background and those who want to dance alone or with their partner could easily go to the stage and dance. Clubs sell a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine, which people can order from. Meat sauce and other types of light food could also be available for those who want to eat something light while taking their drink. Clubs, are thus, often referred to as nightclubs, for people who want to have fun and forget about the stress of the day by eating and drinking.
Clubs also provide a perfect open neutral environment for people who are meeting for the first time as well as for people who are looking for a great place they can meet in the evenings. There are social clubs that provide environment for people to come around meet each other. The major difference between clubs and taverns, pubs or regular bars, is the fact that clubs often have a stage where people can dance, performers can provide live music as well as a DJ booth were recorded music is played by a DJ. Nightclubs could feature VIP areas for celebrities and other wealthy guests who can afford the price. Visitors to a club are often screened by bouncers, to be sure that they are not in possession of harmful equipment and that they do not pose a risk to other club goers. This is considering that some people end up getting so drunk and could intentionally or unintentionally get into heated arguments with other visitors. This could quickly degenerate into a fight.
For people who are often discouraged from going to night clubs because of the risks of this type of fights and the fact they feel a lot of thugs could be around, there are a number of decent clubs that put in more effort to ensure that only sane people are admitted. They would find this type of club more conducive as the bouncers will have been instructed not to allow people with informal attires, gang apparels or ripped jeans into such clubs. With this, the number of people who could cause harm that will be present in the club will be reduced significantly. Fridays and Saturdays are the days of the week that is mostly busy for clubs, since they are weekend and people who attend do not have to bother about work the following day.

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