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A café is also regarded as a coffeehouse or coffee shop and are most involved in the serving of beverages that are related to coffee. You can get hot coffee, cappuccino, café latte and espresso from this type of shops. Iced coffee and iced tea are other types of beverages you can get from a café. Apart from the beverages, they also sometimes sell food, mostly snacks, that customers can take along with the beverage. Some of such snacks include pastries, muffins and other light snacks. Every type of café should be listed under this sub-category.
There are some café where it is possible to get alcoholic beverage as well as light food. In some places, café are referred as tea room. A café is different from a restaurant been that the major emphasis of the café is the beverages as opposed to the food. The facilities at a café can also encourage social interactions. This has resulted in people visiting a café to pass time, entertain one another, write, read, talk or congregate either as a small group or as an individual. Some café also have extra features such as Wi-Fi, so that people who are within the café can access the internet on their wireless devices including phones, tablets and laptops. People who prefer coffee to alcoholic drink could decide to visit café as a replacement for clubs.
The espresso bar is a café type that has staffs who are specialists in espresso made coffee beverages. There are various types of espresso bars all around the world. The espresso bar will usually be within a long counter with an espresso machine. The machine could be semiautomatic or automatic. In some rare instances, it could even be a manual espresso machine. They will often have a case for displaying pastries, sandwiches and other light snacks as well. The espresso bar have 2 major options, they could line up to be served at the espresso bar, where they can take their drinks while standing. For those who want to be served seated, or who want to sit to have their drink and probably snacks, they might be required to pay an extra charge. There are however, a number of espresso bars that also allow their customers to work and relax while seated without any extra charges.
The espresso bar often has an Italian culture attached to it. Alcoholic beverages could also be available in some espresso bars. In some others, a wide tea selection is also available to choose from. A barista is the person who attends to you in an espresso bar. The barista will usually be an expert with different types of drinks, especially those that are been served in that particular café. Espresso bars should be listed in this sub-category as well as the type of drinks and snacks that they serve. People, who are looking for great café in their vicinity where they can take nice coffee, relax and enjoy Wi-Fi services should browse through this sub-category.

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