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Companies that operate in the arts and music industry should list their businesses under this category. Arts and music go together in the sense that they are a creative way of entertaining people through beautiful drawing, music, dances, drama and other performances. The arts and music industry is therefore, a multi-billion dollar company, with a lot of cultures, villages, towns, cities and people having traditional arts and music types. For some of those places, their arts and music serves as a means of income as tourists come around regularly to witness their arts and music.
Arts is a very wide concept, which consists of architecture, sculpting, photography, painting, visual arts, theatre arts, dance, music, prose and poetry. Architecture is a very vital part of developing buildings, where plans are created for buildings on paper as well as the process of erecting the building based on the plan. The plan will consist of the number of rooms, the size of the rooms as well as the location of the windows and doors of the rooms among other features. Sculpture on the other hand, is the art of developing structures, usually statues. This could be structures of people, animals or other items. Sculpture could be done to immortalize an individual, usually a great popular individual or it could be strictly for aesthetics purposes.
Photography is another very important part of arts that entails having pictures of people or places. Pictures could be kept for the purpose of preserving a memory, which could be the happy memory of an individual or a very beautiful location. Photography is majorly with the aid of a camera, which is able to properly capture a scene. The snapshot is then developed into a picture or saved on a storage device. There are also instances where talented artists use pencils or other instruments for drawing to create a scene or recreate a picture. For advanced creation of pictures by artists, paints are usually used. Artists also develop paintings of their thoughts, which is different from drawing an individual or scene. There are several important and expensive paintings all over the world that were drawn by great artists.
Visual art is a form of art that include architecture, filmmaking, video, photography, crafts, design, printmaking, sculpture, painting, drawing and ceramics. Theatre art, on the other hand, is a fine art form that entails the use of actors and actresses for live performance, mostly on a stage, which is performed before a live audience. The performers usually communicate to the audience through dance, music, song, speech and gestures.
Dance and music are very much related, as people mostly dance only when there is a source of music. Music is a combination of sounds that are pleasant to the ears, while dancing entails moving the body as a form of entertainment, to the rhythm of music. Prose usually entails grammatical structure and natural flow of speech, while poetry emphasizes more on the rhythmic structure of the speech. Companies that are involved in arts and music including live bands and music labels should list their business under this sub-category.

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