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Apartment Building
The process of building an apartment is a very interesting one that brings together the work of different groups of people, who work together or at various points for the building to be properly erected. First of all, there is the need to break the ground after which excavation is carried out. After the excavation, the foundation is developed. The developing of the foundation entails forming concrete, then pouring the wall of the foundation after which the concrete slab and gravel is poured into the foundation. A water barrier is created to stop water from disturbing the apartment when rain is falling or if it is been built in an area close to a water body.
After the foundation, the house is developed up to lintel level, during which the installation of utilities is done. The utilities often include gas, water electrical and sewer among others. After this is completed, the framing of the house is done. Installations such as windows, stairs, roof, sheathing and balloon framing is done. After this, a barrier that is water resistant is erected to act as a rain screen. The remaining part of the plumbing and electrical fittings is then carried out, such as fixing of the pipe, the toilet seat, sinks, lamp holders and sockets among others.
Painting and interior decorations are also a very important part of apartment building. The color is given a nice paint, which could be a single color, 2 or more colors or complicated designs. There are thus, a lot of services that goes into the building of an apartment. If you services are related to apartment building, or your company is involved in a part of apartment building, then you should list your building under this category. Individuals who want to build their apartment will be able to find every expert they require from the start to the finishing of their building process in this category.

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