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Animals are very important as they serve 5 major purposes: Meat, pets, fun, transport and labor. In terms of transportation, camels and horses were usually used to transport people and load over distances before the advent of cars and other means of technology. Cows and other beasts of burden were often employed in tilling the ground by farmers. Even though technology has largely taken over the labor and transport usage of animals, it has not been totally eliminated. Some animals are still been used for these transportation and labor services.
Animals are often found in beaches, gardens and other locations where people come around to relax. Horses, for example, can be rented for people to have fun on it. There are also horse racing and dog racing activities that is of interest to several people all over the world, because they are always fun to watch. Bull and ram fighting competitions are also very common in some parts of the world. People can thus catch fun from watching or interacting with a number of animals, majorly domestic animals.
Dogs, cats and parrot amongst several other types of animals can be kept as pets by individuals. Pets are usually very friendly, love their owners and are also loved by their owners. Even though there are groups of people, who don’t eat meat, majorly vegetarians. However, animals serve as a source of meat for people all over the world.
People rear animals for all of these reasons, and thus require several services that are related to animals. Those who are just starting will need to buy the adult or young versions of the animals they are interested in rearing. Those who rear also later will also need food, medicines and services of veterinary doctor. In the long run, they will also start to sell such animals as pets, meat or for other activities. There are also companies that are involved in the slaughtering, processing and sales of meat and products from animals such as milk and animal oil among others. Companies that sell products or provide services that are related to animals should list their businesses under this sub-category. Individuals or companies that are interested in animal related services for their pets should be listed under this category.
Greenpeace is an organization that is involved with ensuring the earth’s ability to nurture life in every ramification. They carry out campaign on issues all over the world including anti-nuclear issues, genetic engineering, commercial whaling, overfishing, deforestation and climate change. They also get involved through ecotage, research, lobbying and other direct actions. All of their activities are directed towards protecting the environments and the living organisms that survive on the environment. The living organisms include both plants and animals. Organizations and companies that are affiliated to the Greenpeace organization or buys into its goals and ideas could list their organizations under this sub-category. Individuals or companies who are looking for Greenpeace affiliated or related organizations should also browse through this sub-category

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