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My Bestbizlists: claim listing

As part of our strategies to ensure that individuals and other companies who are looking for business to work for find the right and reputable businesses on our platform, we personally scout for great businesses, which we list on our platform with what the business does and their contact. People who are interested are thus able to contact them. We have thus, been able to list a number of very popular and reputable firm on our list. Some of such companies have been able to benefit from this our gesture as people regularly contact them from our platform to do business with them. Chances are that as a top business, we have been able to refer quite a number of people to you, who have done business with you, with some of them becoming permanent clients.
We usually get the business name and other vital data about the firm, majorly the services they provide or in other cases, the product they sell. We get the office address, phone number, email, website and other means through which our companies can easily contact such firms. If by chance you happen to trace that some clients have done business with you through our platform or for their reasons, you get to this website to find out that your business has already been listed, you don’t have to bother about listing the business again to avoid duplicate and confusion. You can easily use this menu to claim your listing. With this, you will be able to take charge of your listing and start to update your details as you deem fit.
Once you claim the listing, you will be able to change the details we have put on it to the way it suit you. If you find out that your business has already been listed, it is important not to assume you have already been listed and leave it at that. We will only fill in the most important and easy to get information about your company. We will however, be oblivious to changes in your organization such as the introduction of new products and services, new branches and locations as well as changes or introduction of new contact information. The implication is that the information on your profile will be outdated, which will mean that your page will not be able to perform the best way possible on our platform as people will prefer to do business with listed companies that have up to date information on their profile.
You should therefore make effort to make sure that you claim your listing when you observe that it has been listed and continue to update it with new developments in your organization. Your last update might just add the information that will convince a prospective client to do business with you. You will be able to observe a significant improvement in sales and inquiries about your organization when you are very active on our platform as those who see your business on this platform will be sure to contact you for business purposes.